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Keys, Transmitters and Gate Codes

Tennis Court, Pool, Spa and Restroom Keys

Each Lot is provided with two keys. One key is an electronic transmitter in the form of a small plastic fob that can be attached to a key ring. It operates the gates to the tennis courts and pool. Just hold the transmitter next to the reader at the entrance to the respective facility. If authorized, a green light will appear, and the gate will unlock. Once inside the pool or tennis court area, press the green button near the door or turn the doorknob to open the gate to exit. This computer-controlled, electronic locking system allows securing these facilities after hours and tracks usage (to identify suspected vandals). In addition, lost key transmitters can be deactivated to prevent misuse of our facilities by non-residents.

The other key is a standard metal key that operates the timer on the spa, unlocks the restrooms at the pool and controls tennis court lights.

Please do not lend or give your keys to anyone other than family members, tenants or guests. Please ensure the gate is closed and locked when you enter or exit the facilities.

If your fob is lost/stolen/broken or if you did not receive one from your landlord or the previous Homeowner, a replacement may be purchased from Total Property Management ($15 each if picked up in person, $20 if mailed to you). Lost/stolen/broken fobs will be deactivated and only one fob will be activated per home.

If your spa/restroom/tennis court light metal key is lost/stolen/broken, or if you did not receive one from your landlord or the previous Homeowner, or if you need additional keys, they can be purchased from Total Property Management ($100 each if picked up in person, $105 if mailed to you).

The Board President (refer to the “Contacts” section of the website) may also be able to provide fobs and keys. Payment should be in the form of a check made out to Canyon Creek HOA.

Vehicle Gate Transmitters

The vehicle gates use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags that you attach to your vehicle(s). The vehicle gate can also be operated by entering a four-digit code into the keypad near the entrance gates.

To obtain RFID tags to operate the vehicle gates, contact Total Property Management and provide your name, address, the make, model, year, color and license plate number for each vehicle. Each RFID tag is $20 if picked up in person or add $5 to mail one or more tags to you.

The Board President (refer to the “Contacts” section of the website) may also be able to provide RFID tags. Payment should be in the form of a check made out to Canyon Creek HOA.

Gate Codes

Please contact Total Property Management to have your name added to the electronic directory at the main entry gate. If there are multiple residents with different last names, they each can be added to the electronic directory with separate entries and four-digit code numbers. Please provide your address, your first initial, last name and your phone number (you may also provide an alternate number if the primary number is not answered). This information will be programmed into the entry system within five (5) business days. You can use a landline home phone number that will ring your home phone, or you may assign a cell phone number. Using a cell phone number will allow you to answer and open the gate from anywhere in the world where you have cell service. If your phone number changes, be sure to notify the property management company.

The four-digit code number assigned to your (and other household members) phone number(s) is known as the Directory Code. It rings a phone, a person must answer and authorize access.

Each home will also be assigned a separate four-digit Entry Code. This code does not ring any phone, but immediately opens the vehicle gate. You can give the Entry Code to people that may be providing services to you (e.g., gardener, pool service, housekeeping, etc.) that may need to get in when you are not at home or don’t need to talk to them at the gate prior to gaining access. Since the Entry Code provides immediate access, you should only give it to trusted individuals and not publish it in any manner.

Temporary Gate Code

If you are employing a service provider or real estate agent that will need access for a specific period and you may not always be home, or if you are having a large party and would prefer not having every guest phone you from the guardhouse, a special temporary code can be set up on our phone entry system. Please make your request at least two weeks in advance. After validating your request, the code will be assigned, and you can communicate the code to service providers or guests. To submit a request, submit the Temporary Gate Code Request form.

Operating Vehicle Gates

If your vehicle has an RFID tag, slowly drive by the antenna (a white box) at either the Sonrisa West (main) or Sonrisa East (back) gate. When the tag is verified, the light on the antenna will flicker and the gate will open.

When guests arrive at the Sonrisa West (main) gate, they can tap the green “Phone Call” button then the “Find a Name” button. The electronic directory sorted by last name appears. They can scroll the list to find your name (it will also display the four-digit Directory Code assigned to that name). They can tap your name to call you. Alternately, if you’ve given them your four-digit Directory Code, after tapping the green “Phone Call” button, they can tap the “I have a Directory Code” button and enter the Directory Code. This eliminates scrolling to find your name.

When your phone rings, it will show 951-365-6613 as the Caller ID. You can setup a contact record in your phone with the name “Canyon Creek Gate” so that name will show when someone calls from the gate. Answer the call then press and hold ‘9’ on your phone. You will hear a message and the gate will open for them. When answering on a cell phone, you should press ‘9’ several times in a row to make sure the tone gets through.

If you provide your four-digit immediate Entry Code to services providers (e.g., gardener, pool service, housekeeping, etc.), at the Sonrisa West (main) gate, they should tap the blue “Entry Code (PIN)” button, tap in the four digits then press the green “Enter” button at the bottom. The Entry Code may also be used at the Sonrisa East (back) gate by just entering the four digits. Either gate will open without phoning you.

Nationwide delivery services (e.g., FedEx, UPS, Amazon, USPS, etc.) have been provided with their own immediate Entry Codes, so you don’t need to provide that information when expecting a delivery.

Operating Pedestrian Gates

There are six pedestrian gates: one next to each vehicle entry and exit gate at Sonrisa West (main entrance) and Sonrisa East, one exiting to Yale Avenue at the northwest corner of the community, and one exiting to Hicks Canyon wash along La Dera. All pedestrian gates use the same three-digit code. The pedestrian gate code should be provided when escrow closes or by your landlord. The pedestrian gate code changes from time to time and will be communicated to Homeowners prior to the change. If you need the current pedestrian gate code, contact Total Property Management.

To enter the community through the pedestrian gates, press the buttons one at a time to enter the code then press the handle down. If the code does not register, reset the lock by pressing down on the handle and try again.